(All POINTS OF INTEREST are between 20 minutes to one hour away)

     Bioluminescent bay boat rides that await you on sparkling waters are less than one hour away.

     The dry forest is a section of Puerto Rico where it never rains.  The foliage is all cactus and palm trees.  The Caribbean water is many shades of blue here.  It is located on an unpopulated road lined with picnic areas, ruins, and inviting swimming beaches. 

     The rain forest starts in the hills above Rincon and runs east through the entire island.  Huge leaved plants, wild flowers, and herbs are abundant here.  Breathtaking waterfalls accent the lush tropical beauty whenever it rains. 

     The rugged northwest coast features wild water, rocky and beautiful scenery.  This stretch of coast has many lovely swimming and surfing coves as well as blow holes, where water rushes into the coral heads and shoots dramatically into the air.  Waterfalls cascade over ocean rock out-croppings.  This area is featured in many movies and television commercials.

     There is a huge oceanfront bolder with the face of Jesus carved into it and an old pirates den within a short walk off the road.  This attraction is only about 45 minutes away.

     The southwest point is a crystal clear, calm water point with miles of salt flats that are scraped for the Morton Salt Company twice a year.  A day spa featuring true mineral baths is located here.  Also, a lone lighthouse sits on the point and overlooks acres and acres of what looks like snow-covered land that is actually crystallized salt.  All this is only a short 45-minute drive away.

     There are three hill parks locally and we suggest doing these parks all in one day.  The recommended itinerary would be as follows:

1.)        Aricebo Observatory is about one hour away.  It does involve a good bit of walking and is best done early in the day and takes a couple of hours of walking.

2.)      Camuy Cave Park is next on the list.  It is just a few minutes away from the observatory.  This will provide about three hours of fun cave exploration and sink hole tours.  The above ground part of this tour is on trolleys; the cave tours are walking in the coolness of the underground locations.  There are also several restaurants located nearby that offer many choices of fine, local Puerto Rican lunches.

3.)       Taino Indian Ceremonial Grounds is just a few minutes from the cave park.  It is a large, open outdoor park with ceremonial and sporting fields, just as the Taino Indians left them.  They are lined with tablets that give us a look into the tribal culture of the Taino Indians.  There is a small museum in the center that features numerous Indian artifacts.  Pass completely through the flower-laden park to the back and find an inviting natural rock swimming pool.  Bring a suit and a towel to enjoy a quick dip to cool off.  The entire trip for all three parks will take about 6 to 8 hours, depending on how long you decide to spend at each location.

     Desecheo and Mona Islands are just off the western Puerto Rico coast.  Desecheo is the top of a burned-out volcano and is visible from our beach at Coconut Palms Inn.  It is populated with research monkeys only and the waters there offer some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world with an average visibility of 100 to 150 feet.  SPORT FISHING MAGAZINE refers to the trenches that surround Desecheo as “Marlin Alley”.  We don’t just fish here…we fish for SEA MONSTERS!!!  There are boats from the Rincon Marina that go over daily.

     Mona Island is a large island in the corner of the Mona passage between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  Camping trips are available with notice.

     Rincon Marina is just 5 minutes away from COCONUT PALMS INN and offers sunset tours and whale watching tours.  We have humpback whales in the winter and pilot whales all year round.  The island of Desecheo is 20 minutes by boat (12 miles) and the island of Mona is a half-day journey by boat.

     Finally, there is horseback riding on the beach that is available at two locations.  Puerto Rican coffee plantation tours that showcase where the rain forests that produce some of the richest coffee in the world.  You can purchase this coffee locally, but the majority of it is contracted to be shipped yearly to the Vatican in Rome!  The incredible Coffee plantation tours are less than one hour away.